The congress aims to support the region’s ongoing space projects and initiatives. It is also set out to establish the region as a central contributor to the global industry of space exploration through its support for pioneering projects, space education and research, commercial space applications and scientific and commercial missions.

Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteObjectives include: Leading the pursuit of space activities within the region to advance science, technology and research; promoting economic vitality and diversity; inspiring the pursuit of advanced space and satellite education; establishing new and lasting international partnerships
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteLocation: The Global Space Congress will be hosted in Abu Dhabi, which is also the home of the UAE Space Agency.
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteFormat: The congress aims to host several interactive sub events such as the inaugural Sheikh Zayed Memorial Space Lecture Series; a public lecture for educating emerging and established space professionals on the visions behind space technology and about their economic benefits. More information on sub events to be released soon.
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteOpportunity: The congress will support the sharing of scientific discoveries and various technological advancements across industry sectors in the UAE, thus advancing regional technology and industrial capabilities to stimulate and diversify the regional economy.

Organised by Streamline Marketing Group, the Global Space Congress fosters the region’s reputation as one of the fastest growing space markets, with some of the most  ambitious civil and commercial space programmes in the world today.


Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteLaunched in 2008, the Global Space and Satellite Forum (GSSF) spearheaded the region’s space ambitions bringing together all stakeholders and creating awareness about the need for an organised space sector that can contribute to the regional economy.
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteGSSF has consistently been a high-level event with speakers from leading space organisations such as NASA, ESA and other national space agencies, space federations and associations, space technology providers, manufacturers, solutions providers amongst others.
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteGSSF 2015 hosted dedicated programme tracks to highlight innovative space research, education and technology.
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteGSSF 2015 provided a forum to inspire local Emirati engineers, complementing the UAE Space Agency’s primary mission to encourage Emiratis to consider space/satellite sector careers.
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteGSSF 2015 helped UAE space companies to showcase their capabilities and promote UAE as a regional space hub. The event attracted all emerging national space programmes from the region extending from the North of Africa to the Indian subcontinent.
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteIn 2017, the event is re-launched as the “Global Space Congress” in order to reflect its stature as the premier space event in the region.