Steve Skladanek

Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services

President and Chairman of the Board

Steve leads the Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services team to offer Atlas launch system services to commercial and international institutional customers, and leads the long-range planning and customer engagement strategies of the company. Steve joined the Atlas program over 15 years ago as the manager of government relations for Atlas Launch Operations, and has advanced through positions of successively increasing responsibility. He was promoted to the office of president in late 2014.

Steve has over thirty years of experience in the aerospace industry, including Space Shuttle launch operations; propulsion systems design, manufacture, test and integration; expendable launch system design, development and operations; public policy oversight and government relations.  Steve has a Bachelors’ degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Florida, and has attended several post-graduate programs at Kellogg School of Management and MIT Sloan School of Management. His organizational participation includes membership of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a gubernatorial appointment to the Hawaii Aerospace Advisory Council.