Ryo Nakamura

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

Director, Deputy General Manager, Business Development Department, Space Systems Division

Ryo Nakamura has been Director for H-IIA and H3 Launch Services, Space Systems of MHI, from 2013. He is fully responsible for sales & marketing of the current H-IIA Launch Services and the next generation Launch vehicles(H3).

Ryo has developed commercial activities of MHI’s Space Systems in and outside Japan. Prior to the present position, he served in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. as engineer of the H-IIA and H-IIB development projects in Japan mainly as rocket propulsion system engineer.

In 2009, additionally, he attended the course of Advanced Strategic Management (ASM) programs of IMD business school in Switzerland. In recognition of his academic career, he has also been awarded an honorary Master Degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from University of Tokyo, Japan in 1996. His vision and goal is always focused on enhancing peoples livelihood in international community by his business.